Welcome to the blog all about OHS, All OHS!......Episode 3 of The Dirty O Show has been released, look for it below! Congrats to Varsity Girls on a great season, CIML Metro Champions! Upcoming game: Ottumwa Boys Varsity: Ottumwa @ Lincoln Monday, February 20th, 2012!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


     How did the golfers do? 3rd Motha Fuggin Place BOIIII!!!! Yep. And also Matthew Walker. He got 1st place as an individual!!!!! THATS SWAG! haha. S/O to the whole golf team Hoyt Grooms, Joe Wetrich, Jacob Gardner, Dillon Patritto, Matthew Walker and Braxton Cobble!! GAWD! I'm just so proud :tearsofjoy:

     Anyway, if you want to know all about it ask Hoyt Grooms cause he knows a lot more than we do. Plus he's crazy and I love that kid lmao! Crack Baby!!


     Ladies and Gentlemen drum roll please!!! WE ARE BACK.

     hopfully.. we're pretty lazy sometimes..

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Shoutout! & Poll results!

Today it is Trey Porter and Leilah Armstrong's birthdays at OHS! Happy birthday to the two of you from us at All OHS/ Tha Dirty O Show!!!!!!!!

The last poll has been closed and the winner of the question: Who will win Athlete of the Year? is Faith "@mostdopepope" Pope. Even though, he wouldn't actually win it this year because we later found out after we posted the question, you have to be a Senior to win it...unless we got our facts wrong, Ben Kramer was voted most likely Senior to win the award. Anyways, NEW QUESTION!!!! Who will win basketball intramurals 2012? Answers available on the blog! VOTE NOW BOYS AND GIRLS!

Friday, February 24, 2012


WHOOOOOO!!!!!! Congratulations to the Girls Bowling team for representing the Bulldogs as state champs! Boys got 3rd which is still amazing! Awesome job bowlers!

Happy Birthdays!

There are two OHS birthdays today, both have the same last name and born on the same day...not sure if they're related but Happy Birthday to Davis Clingman and Jacoby Clingman from us at AllOHS/Tha Dirty O Show!!

B-Ball intramural

     So as most of you know intramural basketball has started! And might I say this year is quite interesting!! A lot of really good, physical games. Also a lot of crap-talking. Which is good. Nothing like a bit of good competition. It's good for everyone am I right?!

     Some of the more interesting games have been, the Teachers vs. The Green Senior team (sorry don't know the name lolz).  Now I didn't see it all since I had a game (#thunder) but I heard it was an extremely hard well played game, that got extremely physical.  This game went into overtime and the teacher team barely pulled it out and did win. The teachers team seems almost unbeatable.  So far they are unbeaten and they are looking to stay that way.  A game I'm looking forward too is the Thunder vs. Freshman boys (once again dont know name lol) The freshman boys have been talking a lot of crap and the thunder believe they can pull it out. But we will just have to settle this one on the court #realtalk

     And for all those girls teams... Keep trying!! ;) haha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Birthdays

Today it is Nicole Klostermann's birthday! Happy Birthday Nicole from us at All OHS/Tha Dirty O Show!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy 16th!

Happy 16th Birthday to Jesse Millard! Have a good one from us at All OHS/Tha Dirty O Show!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Shoutout!

Happy Birthday to Freshman, Sarah Wetrich on her 15th birthday! Have a good one from us at All OHS/Tha Dirty O Show!

Sophomores win....

The recent poll asking what the best grade at OHS is has closed. By a three-vote margin ahead of the freshman, the sophomores at Ottumwa High School have proved victorious. The Juniors and Seniors hardly showed with a combined total of less than half of the Sophomores votes.

Next question: Who will win Athlete of the Year?


Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It's Whatever

     Just so ya'll know. This wasn't made to hurt anybody or screw anybodies feelings up. And we're just saying sorry for any hurtful things said on this. We love our school, and that is the reason why we do this.

     So go Bulldogs!! Do work at state! Hoorah!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Breathing?

     So....... I'm still breathing, are you? Of course you are!!!! Lolz! Nothing happened. Which is great. We should all be very happy that was a joke, just like all the other times lol..  Plus with all those, undercover ;), cops there is no way anything could of happened lol.... But if you stayed home from school you didn't miss much, with the two hour delay and lack of 50% of the people in school, we didn't do much haha! :))) So that was one good thing that came out of it! haha

      But for real. Let's not forget the real meaning of today, Valentines day! Git It Boi! hahaha, I saw lots of roses and all that shtuff. They seemed very happy! :) ha

      And let's not forget the latest poll! What grade are you in/What grade is the best! Who do you think will win??? Vote over on the right ya dig!

     Let the best grade win :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hawkeyes win!

The recent poll asked WHO OUT OF THESE COLLEGE TEAMS WOULD YOU ROOT FOR? and we gave you choices of collegiate teams from the state of Iowa. Hawkeyes won by a decent margin with of course the Cyclones right behind them.

The next poll question is a competition. I'm gonna let the poll go for 7 days. The question is, "WHAT GRADE ARE YOU IN?" Whichever grade has the most votes wins. Get all your friends to answer! Spread the word!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Warning to immature Facebook Users

I see immature posts on Facebook everyday that are worse than the girl's post in this video. I could just imagine what this dad would do to those kids.

In my opinion, I think what he did is great. From a kids standpoint, I could never imagine being that kid and posting such a dumb*ss thing on Facebook where EVERYONE can see it. If you are one that would or has posted such a disrespectful and immature thing then I would probably think twice...


     Hahahaha! Well folks conferences are here! Which basically means a day off! I mean honestly who cares about conferences? Maybe some parents, but really I think they just wanted to give the kids a day off! Which is completely fun with me!!
     So everyone enjoy your 3 day weekend and stay safe! Don't do anything too stupid lolz!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Who is your favorite teacher at OHS? Results

We recently posted a poll asking our blog readers who their favorite teacher was at OHS?

The winner of the poll is Mr. Egbert! Mr. Cardin and Mr. Voelliger came in close at second and third!

There is a new question in the poll on the right side of the blog: Who out of these college teams would you root for? (Iowa)

Happy three day weekend!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Episode 2!! Yeeeeaaaaahh!!

     So, it is time. Episode 2 is out! Watch, Comment, Like, Subscribe, Tell your friends, sh*t do it all! ;) #OHS

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It has been 2 days since we last posted and a lot has gone down since.

I just got back from the boys varsity basketball game against Keokuk.  We won of course!  Student Section was wild as always!

Episode 2 of The Dirty O Show is finished editing and will be posted tomorrow right after school. And speaking of school, tomorrow is a 1 o'clock dismissal!

Episode 2 is shorter than the first but footage ran low and we made best of what great film we had left.  We are gonna start filming for the upcoming episodes soon, so look for Easton in the hallways!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl!!!!

     As you all know, it is super bowl sunday!! It's a very interesting matchup also, because as most of you know I'm sure, a couple years ago this was the same match-up that ended the patriots undefeated season! I'm sure this will be a great game! So everyone have fun and stay safe! ;)
     Super Bowl Sunday!! Woo!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is your favorite sport to watch at OHS? Results

We recently posted a poll asking our blog readers what their favorite sport was to watch at OHS? The most popular sport was basketball but it only had one more vote than football. So we can say that those are those most popular sports to go watch. There are other sports though to go cheer on. If you haven't noticed the Boys bowling team is undefeated and would very much appreciate a home crowd at their bowling meets! The Girls bowling team only has one loss as well!

There is a new question in the poll on the right side of the blog: Who is your favorite teacher at OHS?

-GO BULLDOGS!!! Happy weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Gardner!!

     Recently, in second lunch here at OHS, a very peppy student Jacob Gardner has gotten in-school lunch for 'clapping' in lunch. That's crazy! No reason lol! I personally, and I'm sure everyone else loves Gardner!! And for having some school spirit, and chanting things like O-Tum-Wa, and starting the slow clap in lunch, and getting everyone involved, and making people feel better, has gotten him in-school lunch, it's pretty ridiculous lolz!!
      So obviously Wigle has taken a lot of heat for this one. I mean I see his view, he can't have crazy kids in the lunch room, doing crazy things. But I mean really, I think there are better things the administrators could be doing. Like oh idk, all the kids that sit in the far corner of the lunch room. Yah, they always play their annoying music out loud, which really bothers a lot more people then clapping and having fun!

     But whatever, I mean thats cool.

     Anyway.... #FREEGARDNER, ya tweet that!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Other Kutcher

Today, Michael Kutcher came to OHS presenting to the student body about his inspirational life story! If you weren't there, you for sure missed out. The guy is a great person and has been through so much in his 33 years. He is the fraternal twin brother of the well known model/actor Christopher Ashton Kutcher.
Michael was born extremely underweight at only 4lbs. while his brother on the other hand was a whopping 10lbs coming out of the womb. Michael joked that, "Chris [Ashton] took all of my food in the womb." His weight wasn't the only problem, they had to put him on oxygen and he was clinically dead for a short time. That was not the only time he ended up flat lining it during his life. His heart has stopped beating 3 times! He has recovered from each one. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This disease affects the motor skills of the right side of his body, his sight, and his speech.

The man is amazing! He works at Transamerica in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a single father with a 7 year old son. He has also taken up being an inspirational speaker, talking about the appreciation of life. His story is very inspirational and he has definitely touched many lives today at OHS. "Even if I only affect one person, I'm good."

Best wishes to Michael Kutcher!

Cardinal posers..

     So recently, in the paper, the Cardinal student section got into the paper for having 'themes'. Wow. Isn't that odd? I would think they would realize that we have a theme like every single week. Ha. The only reason they got into the paper is because they were ALL wearing camo, because they are ALL hicks, and that is very easy for them... Hahahahahaha, I kid, I kid, I'm just a little upset, but it's cool.

     But ya man Cardinal still makin everyone angry! hahahahahaha, stealin our stuff :P

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Kramer a Coyote?

     The Bulldogs win!! The Dub Win, both girls and boys varsity won last night! Now I wasn't there, but I heard the boys had one crazy game, coming back then winning in overtime! Congrats to them, also the Sophomore boys almost won, coming back from down to 16 in the fourth quarter, to 3 points!

     Senior, Ben Kramer is apart of the 24 player recruiting class at the University of South Dakota. Kramer earned second team all-state honors and first team all-conference honors. He was named the Bulldogs’ Most Valuable Player and carries a 4.0 grade-point average. Kramer ran a 10.9 in the 100 meter dash as a junior. Atta boy, BJK!

     Alsoooo, the vid went great! Mostly everybody loved it and I sure hope you did! If you haven't seen it watch that! I would consider the video a big success, 260 views in one day is pretty good lmao! Way better than anything I have done previously!

      So as always stay golden! Do Work! Dirty-O!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Picture Opportunities

We would like to make a shout out to Ashleigh Childress for agreeing to let us use her awesome pictures on the blog! 

If you have pictures that you would like to be posted on the blog, simply send them to thadirtyoshow@gmail.com 

or post them on The Dirty O Show Facebook Page: 

Hope you guys LOVED the first episode of The Dirty O Show, currently working on Episode 2 and 3. They should be up sometime next week. 


Episode 1

     Ladies and Gentlemen, it is here, the first episode of the Dirty O Show!!! I know you will love it! This one is about my Journey and going to Advisory!! The next will be about Lunch and Egberts class!! So if you think this one is boring just wait till the next one! But I'm gonna hope you don't think that lmao!!


Another great day outside!! Its gotta be 60 again! This weather has got me in such a good mood and I hope you too!!

But almost more importantly, the video is coming out today!! After school as soon as I can, the video will be open for the world to see! The first vid will be my journey in chem, and advisory! The next vid will probably be lunch! Cant wait to see what ya'll think of our vids, enjoy!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Terrorists at School?? That Cray!

     So as you've probably read in the paper, there are some crazy kids in our school that want to hurt everyone. My first thought is that it is not true
     Two of the three people (Fred and Emily) were my friends, and not all that crazy, I have talked to both of them quite a bit, mostly for curiosity of what crazy stuff they would say lmao. It turns out they were just normal people with different backgrounds. Still a little different though. 

     The main reason I don't believe this is going to happen is because of the so called 'List'.  I mean what are they gonna do? Walk down the hallway with AK's (Which I heard they found in Emily's house, but I really doubt that rumor is true..) and mark down the person after they shoot em? Completely fake. 

     It is supposed to happen on Valentines day. So if you don't wanna come, I understand, and it is fine by me, more room for me in the classrooms ;)

     In other news, it was reaaaaaaallly nice outside, like Summer stuff. Got me excited, because there is no better time than the summer am I right?! But ya for real. Tell ya friends. :)

New Grading

     As you all probably know, there are new grade bullsh*t going out right now in OHS. You probably shouldn't be happy about this, cause really it is screwing you over. You are probably going to have to start doing your work again... :( The 50 percent rule is different, for homework it is the same, but for tests, if you don't even try at all you can get a 0. Yes that's right, a zero. Screwing over your grade real bad. So just do your tests, and just try basically lolz.. Also, all grades are now split between tests/quizzes and homework. Homework is now only 20% of your grade, and quizzes and tests are 80%....That's right!! 80%!!! That Sh*t Cray!! So if you are not a good test taker... good luck man, good luck... Buuuuuuuut, if you forgot to pick up a credit no credit sheet, they gave you more time!! So get it! and get a 4.0! ;D

      As Always-Stay Golden :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Believe!

Principal of OHS, Mark Hanson, leading the Bulldog Student Section in the traditional pregame "I Believe" chant!

Bulldog girls down Roosevelt on Senior Night

Their ninth win in a row gives Ottumwa a 12-5 record overall, but more importantly, they remain undefeated at 8-0 in Metro play.

It was also Senior Night for the Bulldog girls. Using a suffocating full-court press, the Bulldogs raced out to a 17-0 lead that held up until the visitors got their first two baskets in the final minute of the opening quarter.

The Bulldogs closed with a 19-0 run to win, 58-30.

Nearly every Bulldog senior had positive contributions to the stat sheet in the first eight minutes. 

Nickerson, who went over the 1200 point career scoring mark with her 22 on the night, had seven points in the run.

Rachel Hinebaugh got her game going in the fourth, with six of her eight points. She talked about playing on Senior Night.

Avery Roane closed out the scoring with two baskets. Roane had one of her best games off the bench, with eight points and seven rebounds.

The Bulldogs close out their regular season with four straight road games. The two biggest will be CIML Metro contests in Des Moines, at Hoover and at East — who only has one loss in the Metro. Ottumwa travels to Marshalltown for a non-conference game on Tuesday.

Ottumwa 58, Des Moines Roosevelt 30

DMR         4     10  14   2    —    30   

OTT        17     15   7  19    —    58   

Des Moines Roosevelt (30) — Sierra Singleton 8, Breonna Claytor 6, Julanie Carter 6, Burkhall 10 . Totals 11-35 5-8 30.

3-point goals — 3-17 (Claytor 2, Singleton). Fouled out —Gabby Rentuma . Rebounds — 21 (Burkhall 9). Assists — 8 (Rentuma 3). Steals — 6 (Rentuma 2). Blocks — 6 (Burkhall 6). Total fouls — 16. Turnovers — 26.

Ottumwa (58) — Salgado 9, Olivia Roarke 2, Roane 8, Nickerson 22, Sammy Garrett 1, Hinebaugh 8, Gott 8 . Totals 21-54 14-20 58.

3-point goals — 2-8 (Nickerson 2). Fouled out — none. Rebounds — 32 (Hinebaugh 8). Assists — 8 (Salgado 5). Steals — 13 (Garrett 5). Blocks — 1 (Hinebaugh). Total fouls — 10. Turnovers — 15.

Credit: Ottumwa Courier: Roger Thomas, Writer

Senior, Ashley Salgado and her parents.


Wussup ladies and gentlemen!! This is the Dirty-O Show blog! ya dig?! I know ya'll will love this, we'll keep you updated on everything about OHS, Ottumwa, and everything else you need to know about! Peace out! Check back often!