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Friday, February 3, 2012

Free Gardner!!

     Recently, in second lunch here at OHS, a very peppy student Jacob Gardner has gotten in-school lunch for 'clapping' in lunch. That's crazy! No reason lol! I personally, and I'm sure everyone else loves Gardner!! And for having some school spirit, and chanting things like O-Tum-Wa, and starting the slow clap in lunch, and getting everyone involved, and making people feel better, has gotten him in-school lunch, it's pretty ridiculous lolz!!
      So obviously Wigle has taken a lot of heat for this one. I mean I see his view, he can't have crazy kids in the lunch room, doing crazy things. But I mean really, I think there are better things the administrators could be doing. Like oh idk, all the kids that sit in the far corner of the lunch room. Yah, they always play their annoying music out loud, which really bothers a lot more people then clapping and having fun!

     But whatever, I mean thats cool.

     Anyway.... #FREEGARDNER, ya tweet that!

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