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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still Breathing?

     So....... I'm still breathing, are you? Of course you are!!!! Lolz! Nothing happened. Which is great. We should all be very happy that was a joke, just like all the other times lol..  Plus with all those, undercover ;), cops there is no way anything could of happened lol.... But if you stayed home from school you didn't miss much, with the two hour delay and lack of 50% of the people in school, we didn't do much haha! :))) So that was one good thing that came out of it! haha

      But for real. Let's not forget the real meaning of today, Valentines day! Git It Boi! hahaha, I saw lots of roses and all that shtuff. They seemed very happy! :) ha

      And let's not forget the latest poll! What grade are you in/What grade is the best! Who do you think will win??? Vote over on the right ya dig!

     Let the best grade win :)

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