Welcome to the blog all about OHS, All OHS!......Episode 3 of The Dirty O Show has been released, look for it below! Congrats to Varsity Girls on a great season, CIML Metro Champions! Upcoming game: Ottumwa Boys Varsity: Ottumwa @ Lincoln Monday, February 20th, 2012!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


     How did the golfers do? 3rd Motha Fuggin Place BOIIII!!!! Yep. And also Matthew Walker. He got 1st place as an individual!!!!! THATS SWAG! haha. S/O to the whole golf team Hoyt Grooms, Joe Wetrich, Jacob Gardner, Dillon Patritto, Matthew Walker and Braxton Cobble!! GAWD! I'm just so proud :tearsofjoy:

     Anyway, if you want to know all about it ask Hoyt Grooms cause he knows a lot more than we do. Plus he's crazy and I love that kid lmao! Crack Baby!!


     Ladies and Gentlemen drum roll please!!! WE ARE BACK.

     hopfully.. we're pretty lazy sometimes..

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Shoutout! & Poll results!

Today it is Trey Porter and Leilah Armstrong's birthdays at OHS! Happy birthday to the two of you from us at All OHS/ Tha Dirty O Show!!!!!!!!

The last poll has been closed and the winner of the question: Who will win Athlete of the Year? is Faith "@mostdopepope" Pope. Even though, he wouldn't actually win it this year because we later found out after we posted the question, you have to be a Senior to win it...unless we got our facts wrong, Ben Kramer was voted most likely Senior to win the award. Anyways, NEW QUESTION!!!! Who will win basketball intramurals 2012? Answers available on the blog! VOTE NOW BOYS AND GIRLS!

Friday, February 24, 2012


WHOOOOOO!!!!!! Congratulations to the Girls Bowling team for representing the Bulldogs as state champs! Boys got 3rd which is still amazing! Awesome job bowlers!

Happy Birthdays!

There are two OHS birthdays today, both have the same last name and born on the same day...not sure if they're related but Happy Birthday to Davis Clingman and Jacoby Clingman from us at AllOHS/Tha Dirty O Show!!

B-Ball intramural

     So as most of you know intramural basketball has started! And might I say this year is quite interesting!! A lot of really good, physical games. Also a lot of crap-talking. Which is good. Nothing like a bit of good competition. It's good for everyone am I right?!

     Some of the more interesting games have been, the Teachers vs. The Green Senior team (sorry don't know the name lolz).  Now I didn't see it all since I had a game (#thunder) but I heard it was an extremely hard well played game, that got extremely physical.  This game went into overtime and the teacher team barely pulled it out and did win. The teachers team seems almost unbeatable.  So far they are unbeaten and they are looking to stay that way.  A game I'm looking forward too is the Thunder vs. Freshman boys (once again dont know name lol) The freshman boys have been talking a lot of crap and the thunder believe they can pull it out. But we will just have to settle this one on the court #realtalk

     And for all those girls teams... Keep trying!! ;) haha

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Daily Birthdays

Today it is Nicole Klostermann's birthday! Happy Birthday Nicole from us at All OHS/Tha Dirty O Show!