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Friday, February 24, 2012

B-Ball intramural

     So as most of you know intramural basketball has started! And might I say this year is quite interesting!! A lot of really good, physical games. Also a lot of crap-talking. Which is good. Nothing like a bit of good competition. It's good for everyone am I right?!

     Some of the more interesting games have been, the Teachers vs. The Green Senior team (sorry don't know the name lolz).  Now I didn't see it all since I had a game (#thunder) but I heard it was an extremely hard well played game, that got extremely physical.  This game went into overtime and the teacher team barely pulled it out and did win. The teachers team seems almost unbeatable.  So far they are unbeaten and they are looking to stay that way.  A game I'm looking forward too is the Thunder vs. Freshman boys (once again dont know name lol) The freshman boys have been talking a lot of crap and the thunder believe they can pull it out. But we will just have to settle this one on the court #realtalk

     And for all those girls teams... Keep trying!! ;) haha

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