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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Other Kutcher

Today, Michael Kutcher came to OHS presenting to the student body about his inspirational life story! If you weren't there, you for sure missed out. The guy is a great person and has been through so much in his 33 years. He is the fraternal twin brother of the well known model/actor Christopher Ashton Kutcher.
Michael was born extremely underweight at only 4lbs. while his brother on the other hand was a whopping 10lbs coming out of the womb. Michael joked that, "Chris [Ashton] took all of my food in the womb." His weight wasn't the only problem, they had to put him on oxygen and he was clinically dead for a short time. That was not the only time he ended up flat lining it during his life. His heart has stopped beating 3 times! He has recovered from each one. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This disease affects the motor skills of the right side of his body, his sight, and his speech.

The man is amazing! He works at Transamerica in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He is a single father with a 7 year old son. He has also taken up being an inspirational speaker, talking about the appreciation of life. His story is very inspirational and he has definitely touched many lives today at OHS. "Even if I only affect one person, I'm good."

Best wishes to Michael Kutcher!

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