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Monday, January 30, 2012

Terrorists at School?? That Cray!

     So as you've probably read in the paper, there are some crazy kids in our school that want to hurt everyone. My first thought is that it is not true
     Two of the three people (Fred and Emily) were my friends, and not all that crazy, I have talked to both of them quite a bit, mostly for curiosity of what crazy stuff they would say lmao. It turns out they were just normal people with different backgrounds. Still a little different though. 

     The main reason I don't believe this is going to happen is because of the so called 'List'.  I mean what are they gonna do? Walk down the hallway with AK's (Which I heard they found in Emily's house, but I really doubt that rumor is true..) and mark down the person after they shoot em? Completely fake. 

     It is supposed to happen on Valentines day. So if you don't wanna come, I understand, and it is fine by me, more room for me in the classrooms ;)

     In other news, it was reaaaaaaallly nice outside, like Summer stuff. Got me excited, because there is no better time than the summer am I right?! But ya for real. Tell ya friends. :)

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